Easel Aid partners with local pubs, restaurants, cold beer
and wine stores, golf courses, grocery stores and local
sports facilities to host sealed bid auctions of high quality framed moments in sports and entertainment. These items commemorate your favorite legends in sports, sports teams, music icons and entertainers. A portion of every successful auction is then donated to charity. Easel Aid auctions traditionally run on a 10 to 14-day cycle with one item per location, then repeats for ongoing fund-raising support.

We are passionate about working in the community, we believe that goals can be reached when people work together to help others. This is why we started our sealed bid auction program. Through our easel program, we help connect the public with charities and corporations so everyone can do their part to make the world a better place.

Fund-raising can be challenging and we wanted to be involved with an approach that would be creative and fun. Our goal is to help charity organizations of all sizes at no risk or cost. In fact, our easels are free to place at any location, which means there is no risk at all. All our merchant partners have to do is donate the space needed to set up our easels and display some beautiful art prints or some cool sports memorabilia and let the bidding begin!
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