How does it work?
In a nutshell, we connect heroic charitable and humanitarian organizations with great corporations and provide incredible sports collectibles as simple mediums through which to facilitate donations.

Responsibilities of being a hosting partner?
Our hosting partners need only dedicate about five square feet of floor space, and can then enjoy the added benefit of fresh new art in their space and the warm fuzzy feelings they will get from giving back and being part of a GREAT cause.

Responsibilities of the charitable organization?
The charity simply connects us with a point person within their organization who can supply us with a logo and receive the donations! There are no increased internal responsibilities and no overhead when partnering with us. There is zero cost or risk to the charitable or humanitarian organization.

I just bid on a piece of collectible memorabilia, what happens next?
Each easel piece is displayed for a 10 to 14-day cycle. During this time anyone can make a bid. At the end of the display period, the bids are collected, the auction is closed and the successful bidder will be contacted with their good news.

How will I know if am the successful bidder?
Our representative will contact you by telephone or email to congratulate you and make arrangements for payment and delivery.

What if I'm not the successful bidder?
We sincerely wish that everyone could obtain the art or collectible that they desire. As a courtesy, We will  communicate if and when multiple pieces are available.

How am I able to pay for my memorabilia?
We do our best to make it as easy and simple as possible. We accept Visa, MasterCard and E Transfers

How will I receive my memorabilia?
Shipment by courier is offered in about 95% of locations. In the remaining 5% of areas, special arrangements will be made.

I'm the successful bidder, what if my new acquisition is damaged when I receive it?
All our artwork and collectibles are insured while on display and during couriered transport to the successful bidder. If on the small chance that damage occurs, we will work with you to ensure a replacement

How much is the tax & delivery charge?
Our standard delivery charge is $25 for the piece to be hand delivered by a courier to your address. Special arrangements for particularly remote areas will be calculated on a situational basis. Taxes are Provincial and will be calculated accordingly.

Should I plan to frame my memorabilia?
Your new acquisition will be wall or display ready. There is nothing you will need to do other than decide where to hang it.

Do I get a tax receipt?
We are not a registered charity and therefore cannot issue tax receipts. What you do get is a visual reminder from that day forward of how awesome you are.

Wait, if this is for charity, what do you mean you don't issue a tax receipt?
We are a company, so we cannot issue you a tax receipt.  We are a business that provides fundraising services to charitable and humanitarian organizations.

Who maintains the easel and changes the display?
Our Program Managers take care of absolutely everything.

What if someone damages or takes the art or collectible while it is on display?
All artwork & collectibles are insured while on display and during transport to the successful bidder. Our corporate partners and host locations need not worry about possible damage or liability.

Who collects the money from the successful bidders and arranges for deliveries?
Our representatives look after every single last detail. We offer a full turnkey service.   

How much money goes to the charity?
We are committed to putting our charitable and humanitarian partners first. We ensure that charities always receive the biggest portion of the net proceeds that are generated by our programs. As a result, we donate a minimum of 65% of the net proceeds to our charitable and humanitarian partners. The participating charitable and hosting partners do not incur any cost, risks or liabilities with our programs. This allows our charitable and humanitarian partners to use 100% of the funds we provide to be applied to their most urgent needs.

Are you a business that profits by providing fund-raising services to charities?
Yes. One of the biggest challenges that a charity or humanitarian organization has is bringing in enough dollars to fund their mission and keep their doors open. Easel Aid is proud of how we are able to support our partners by providing new and fresh ways to raise money. 'Profit' is not a dirty word around here. We are a business and we employ hard working people across British Columbia in the pursuit of our goals and vision and are able to help many charities along the way.

If we don't address your concerns in the Q&A below, we encourage you to reach out and ask us about it.
Our business model is unique and our programs are innovative, so naturally you may wonder how it all works.
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