Connecting With a Charity Partners and Merchants

The first thing we do is connect with a charity or community-based group, this creates the relationship that puts everyone on the same page and moves the process in the right direction. Next, with our companies vast network of merchants, we arrange locations to display the artwork and sports memorabilia for auction. Memorabilia is placed on easels in select locations ready to be admired. We have our easels set up in many different locations, from local pubs, restaurants, cold beer and wine stores to golf courses, grocery stores and local sports facilities. Easel Aid does all the work making this a worry-free process for both Charities and Merchants.


By joining the Easel Aid auction program, you have the opportunity to adopt a new fund-raising method with minimum effort! We would require hi-res logos and images for signage and marketing purposes. Also, if there are any partners that are already involved with your charity, and you feel the easel program would be a good fit in their location you coordinate a meeting for us and we could see if there is an opportunity for the program.


By hosting an easel in your location, not only are you supporting a local charity, but you also have the opportunity to display some amazing items that will surely have your customers talking! All we are asking of you is to provide us with
5 square feet in your location...and we take care of the rest. If unfortunately an item would be lost or damaged while displayed in your location, you will not be accountable. 

Displays On Easels

Once the details are worked out and the artwork or sports memorabilia is placed on display we are all set to start our sealed bid auction. Everyone entering a select location will see the artwork, and some will bid on it. Easel Aid auctions traditionally run on a 10 to 14-day cycle with one item per location, then repeats for ongoing fund-raising support.

Successful Bidders

By bidding on an item at a sealed bid auction location, not only do you have the chance to bring home an amazing collector item, you are also helping our charity partners. If you present the highest bid, one of our Easel Aid team members will contact you within 2 weeks following the "close date" of the auction. At that time arrangements will be
made for payment and delivery of the artwork or sports memorabilia. As stated on the bid slip, shipping and handling
fees will be added to your bid along with the applicable taxes.

How Our Sealed Bid Auctions Works

Sealed Bid Auctions
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